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      2. Jiaxing ChengFeng Metal Products Co.,Ltd.

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        About us

        Jiaxing cheng feng metal products co., LTD. Is located in jiaxing, since the tang dynasty, jiaxing has rich flourishing place, is known as the "land of fish and rice, silk mansion". The center of the Yangtze river delta, the company from Shanghai, hangzhou, ningbo, all within 100 kilometers, adjacent to Shanghai port and ningbo port, beautiful scenery, convenient land, sea and air traffic transportation is very convenient.



        Provide comprehensive services Chengfeng metal to make profit each franchisees can success, we not only provide you with professional services and product pre-sale, sale, the after-sale each professional guidance.
        Tel: 0573-82057737
        Email: info@chengfeng-metal.cn

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